Words from our Inventor

I was known as an antenna and electronic geek as a boy when I spent hours on experimenting and perfecting antennas and other electronic devices to get the ultimate in reception. I must have made thousands of different combinations and experiments, which was OK with my parents as long as everything was back in place by Sunday afternoon and the Packer games came in loud and clear. I was fascinated with what it took to make an antenna work and the mystery of RF.

When I grew up I worked as an installer, went to a technical school, and installed roof antennas, home theaters and other electronic systems for both commercial and residential. This gave me hands-on experience and an in-depth insight on what worked and whyand what failed. I knew almost everything there was to know about installing an antenna that worked. Then, the digital transition occurred.

When the digital change-over occurred in 2009, it changed everything about antenna design and performance. No one was getting it right. There were lots of claims but very poor results and the people I knew were disappointed and wanted something better. What worked reasonably well for analog TVs was no longer effective for high definition free broadcast TV reception. (HDTV) Even the big, ugly antennas couldn’t pull in enough signals to receive all the available channels and there was a lot of distortion causing the picture to freeze or disappear. High definition TV is different than the old analog TVs. If the signal isn’t sent to the TV correctly, you won’t get all of the available channels and you will get a lot of distortion. I knew too many young families and people in my neighborhood who were struggling in a tough economy. They couldn’t afford cable or satellite. I knew grandmas down the street who wanted to watch their favorite shows but didn’t want to pay for a lot of other stuff they would never watch.

Fast forward to today and antennas have made a major comeback. With new streaming services appearing what seams like daily now and even those

who use other pay TV sources the antenna has become a major player in the home entertainment system. 

I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it. I went back to the roof to find out what worked.  Only this time, I had the technical background to understand what needed to be done and understood the problems installers and users experienced.

Here comes DigiTenna!®

A lot of people I talked to didn’t even know that they can get free broadcast, high definition TV, and they certainly didn’t know how many great channels are available.  The antennas on the market were big, ugly, and inefficient.  They didn’t give people a great signal, certainly not the quality HD picture we like.  And who wants a big eyesore of an antenna mounted on their roof.  I hated the idea that people were buying antennas that weren’t going to work, when I knew a better solution was out there, waiting to be discovered.

So there I was, back to experimenting with antennas.  It took a lot of work.   After months of experimenting, much discouragement, and a lot of prayer, the solution came to me on a very cold March late Wisconsin night as I was looking at my experiments and calculations again.  The solution was astounding and DigiTenna changed everything about antennas -- performance, size, look, and construction.  And it worked!  An outdoor DigiTenna is one half to one third the size of other antennas and DigiTenna completely outperforms them.  I guarantee that a user will get the most free channels possible with DigiTenna!

We make the DigiTenna DUV product line to provide, The ultimate experience in free HDTV.”  DigiTenna DUV products deliver the free broadcast signal directly to the TV, which means the high definition signal is clear, sharp and without distortion.  The viewer gets a picture that is even better than a satellite or cable picture and the quality of the picture is the same year after year with DigiTenna.  Because of its compact design outdoor DigiTennas are safer and quicker than other antennas.  I took into account harsh weather conditions and made DigiTenna DUV products sturdy so they stand up in harsh environments and resist corrosion to provide long life.  Even in salty coastal enviroments!

No other antenna today can match the DigiTenna DUV performance.  This has been verified by an independent agency.  DigiTenna DUV is the preferred product of broadcast engineers because of its reception, quality compact design and performance.

Most importantly, anyone who buys it gets the “the ultimate experience in free HDTV reception.  That’s what I set out to do.

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