2020 DigiTenna® Product List

DigiTenna for the ultimate experience in

free HDTV reception!

DigiTenna for a quick, cost effective installation and give

your customer the ultimate experience in free HDTV!

We recommend outdoor installation by a communications dealer for best performance. Contact a communication dealer in your area for price and delivery. Then ask for DigiTenna to receive the ultimate HDTV viewing experience and most free broadcast channels possible!

DigiTenna Catalog Numbers

        DT-31            (0-30+ miles) 

        DT-M            (0-30+ miles)

        DT-S             (0-35+ miles)

        DT-F             (0-45+ miles) 

        DT-DF          (0-55+ miles)   

        DT-XF          (0-65+ miles)  


DigiTenna With Embedded UHF & VHF 

High Performance Amplifier

Now with LTE filtering!

Amplifiers extend range and receive channels that need amplification to view. Amplifiers are not recommended for short range reception near broadcast towers.

        DT-FAMP20-1        (0-60+ miles)

        DT-DFAMP20-1     (0-70+ miles)

        DT-XFAMP20-1     (0-80+ miles)

DigiTenna with Embedded Amplifier & Second Input 

For Dual DigiTennas 

Now with LTE filtering!

Additional second input to reach two different markets and eliminate a rotor

        DT-FAMP20-2         (0-50+ miles)

        DT-DFAMP20-2      (0-60+ miles)

        DT-XFAMP20-2      (0-70+ miles)


DigiTenna  High Performance Amplifier Preamp

Single or dual wideband Inputs

Now Includes LTE filtering!

        DT-RAMP20-1 (1 input)

        DT-RAMP20-2 (2 inputs)

(Includes amplifier in enclosure, mounting hardware, power supply & inserter)


DT Base Unit Replacement Modules for upgrades or changes

(Main unit with DUV wings)


        DT-DP Passive Unit

        DT-AMP20-1 Base Unit with Embedded Amplifier

        DT-AMP20-2 Base Unit with Embedded Amplifier 2 Inputs

        DT-PWR Power Supply with Inserter

DigiTenna has a unique, patented modular design and can provide custom products and solutions for locations with special needs, multiple city reception, attractive mounting and other applications. Contact DigiTenna for information and help.

Indoor reception for cities or when close to broadcast towers

        DT-I indoor        (0-25+ miles)

        DT-31 indoor     (0-25+ miles)

DigiTenna Contact Information

(920) 564-6248



U.S. Patent 7,626,557 B2, 7,911,406 B2

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