DigiTenna® Features for Installers

Buy DigiTenna for a quick, cost effective installation and give your customer the ultimate experience in free HDTV!

DigiTenna saves you time and costs in assembly and installation for customers who want free broadcast HDTV and do not want to pay cable or satellite monthly fees, costs or enter into multi-year contracts. DigiTenna is the recommended antenna of broadcast engineers for unmatched quality, reception, small size and performance. DigiTenna gives your customers the best HD free broadcast reception and viewing pleasure and guarantees that they receive the largest number of TV channels possible. No other product can match the DigiTenna performance standard, and make this claim. With DigiTenna, you have a satisfied customer and a safe, profitable installation.


+ DigiTenna reduces installation time a minimum of an hour and often a great deal more. DigiTennas are small, lightweight and packaged to be easily assembled in minutes. The construction is sturdy so you don’t bend or break the elements and is easy to mount. This eliminates returns to the shop and the costs, telephone calls, replacement orders, gas, lost time, returns and installation delays.

+ DigiTennas for outdoors are compact and two to three times smaller than other roof-mounted antennas. The light weight and small size result in a quick, safe installation with minimal wind load. You can replace old antennas and increase business with a DigiTenna that looks much better and receives the most channels. DigiTenna is the right product for new installations, multiple customer TVs and upgrades of older installations.

+ DigiTenna outdoor products are much easier to get to the roof and install. You are up and down quickly. DigiTenna is specifically designed for UHF and VHF Hi Band HDTV frequencies resulting in a new look, size, enhanced performance and improved customer viewing experience. DigiTenna significantly out performs all other antennas!

+ The outdoor DigiTennas are unobtrusive, fit into any neighborhood and are easily hidden near a chimney or installed in an attic. You can help your customer with an attractive installation that their neighbors will appreciate.

+ DigiTennas are manufactured in the USA to high quality standards. Outdoor DigiTennas have heavy duty construction to perform in harsh weather conditions. All electrical connections are encapsulated to prevent rain and water from entering. Dissimilar metals are not used. There are no plastic parts to capture water, become homes for spiders or break. Corrosion and signal degradation over time is no longer an issue so your customers have excellent TV reception year after year. You have a satisfied customer, eliminate extra trips, reduce on the job time and lower costs by not having to fix problems that should never have occurred.

+ The patented design of DigiTennas eliminates multiple connection points and signal loss. Transmitted signals are received and sent directly to the TV which gives your customer the highest quality HDTV possible, the most channels without distortion and the best viewing experience. An astounding 99.9% of the available free broadcast signal is sent to the TV as tested by independent engineers. The unique design results in a wide horizontal receiving angle and only a 2 db vertical variation for unmatched reception and performance. No other antenna has this capability. DigiTenna is the performance standard and outperforms and outlasts every other HDTV antenna available.

+ Outdoor DigiTennas have a modular design and can be customized for any location. Even if damages were to occur due to an unusual occurrence, they are field repairable. The modular design gives you on-site flexibility to solve any customer problem during installation. There are fewer parts to inventory, truck and install to meet a wide range of applications and your project time and costs are lowered. The small size reduces shipping and handling costs. DigiTenna’s unique design provides your customer with the largest number of high definition, distortion free, channels possible for the best viewing experience and selection. Most users enjoy a selection of 15 to 60 HDTV channels.

+ The DigiTenna Indoor for cities and suburbs is small, low cost and can be up and running in minutes and performs to the same high standard! There is no other indoor antenna that can match the DigiTenna Indoor performance. One DigiTenna Indoor does it all. There is no need for multiple options and choices.

+ DigiTenna Indoor and Metro are available for cities and suburbs close to the TV transmission points while outdoor DigiTennas are provided for distances over 70 miles away. There is a solution for customer viewing needs that is cost effective and provides outstanding high definition TV viewing.

Features for Internet customers:

+ DigiTenna can be plugged into a computer tuner card to get high quality HDTV reception on a computer with no monthly costs, charges or contracts.

+ Combining DigiTenna with a low cost Netflix and/or Hulu subscription provides even more programming and gives you control over your viewing and costs.

Custom Products:

DigiTenna has a patented modular design and can provide custom products for users with special requirements or difficult reception issues. There are multi-city options if a user is located between cities or wants to receive channels from a secondary source having a different broadcast distance. We can offer customized mounting options, tower mounting, unique directional reception with one antenna and products for distances over 70 miles from the transmitting towers.