Buy DigiTenna for a quick, cost effective installation and give your customer the ultimate experience in free HDTV!

DigiTenna® saves you time and costs in assembly and installation for customers who want free broadcast HDTV and do not want to pay cable or satellite monthly fees, costs or enter into multiyear contracts. DigiTenna is the recommended antenna of broadcast engineers for unmatched quality, reception, small size and performance. DigiTenna gives your customers the best HD free broadcast reception and viewing pleasure and guarantees that they receive the largest number of TV channels possible. No other product can match the DigiTenna performance standard, and make this claim. With DigiTenna, you have a satisfied customer and a safe, profitable installation.

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DT-S Fast and Easy Assembly in Minutes


DigiTenna DT-F, DTFAMP20-1, 

DTFAMP20-2 Antenna Assembly

Includes the new, unique and patented DigiTenna with High Performance, embedded, low noise amplifier for the Ultimate In Free Broadcast HDTV Reception!


DigiTenna DT-DF, DT-DFAMP20-1, 

DT-DFAMP20-2 Assembly

Includes the new, unique and patented DigiTenna with High Performance embedded low noise amplifier for the Ultimate in Free Broadcast HDTV Reception!