DigiTenna: Featured in TV Technology 

by Doug Lung

January 2020 issue


I mentioned the DigiTenna a year ago when describing the setup Meintel Sgrignoli Wallace (MSW) uses for field measurements, (Indoor Antennas, Field Measurements Revisited, January 2019). While I was in Chicago in November for some signal testing DigiTenna owner Brad Eckwielen visited WMAQ-TV and showed us his range of antennas. I had my NanoVNA with me so we also did a number of measurements on the antenna. I was impressed with the performance of the antennas, which are much simpler than many of the common antenna designs. The key element in his antenna is a driven element that looks like a solid bowtie, but somewhat bigger than those seen on UHF antennas. Eckwielen put a lot of effort into obtaining a good match from the 75-ohm coax to the antenna, and has modified the shape of the element to provide good results on both UHF and VHF. DigiTennas are primarily available through authorized distributors/installers, but TV station engineers can contact him directly.


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Broadcast Engineers

Broadcast Professional Testimonials:

"DigiTenna is the only product were commend.  We tested about 25 antennas and DigiTenna was the only one that worked.  Every person who used DigiTenna came back and thanked us.  DT has made my life easier and I do not get any more bad calls."


"IT WORKED!!!!!! In the heart of downtown, surrounded by skyscrapers, with no master antenna system and absolutely no recognizable signal before the DUV-VII was attached, then there was a PICTURE and a very nice HD signal it was."


"It is a work horse and a miracle worker!  It’s performance, stability and ease of use simply defies description. I have made it work reliably in our coverage area INDOORS as far away as 50 miles. In actuality, indoor reception beyond about 15 miles, remained a disaster, until I tried the DigiTenna DT-I.  I would recommend it to anyone and it is the only indoor antenna you will ever need."


"Quality, quality, quality, it works! You never have to buy again. Quality is outstanding. So many people do not know what an antenna does so they look for a low price and then they are disappointed that they do not get reception."


"I’m impressed with the size and performance of your products.  I will recommend them."


"As Director of Engineering at KNME-TV in Albuquerque-Santa Fe, I have been testing indoor and outdoor antennas for more than 10 years in all sorts of near field, far field, and terrain challenged locations.

Indoor reception was the hardest and it was years before I found an indoor antenna that would beat the Zenith Silver Sensor. Problem is that it is UHF only and so was the amplified antenna I found that did a better job. Our market has UHF as well as a number of major network affiliates transmitting on high-band VHF. Amplified antennas are also not as desirable, more difficult to set up and trickier to use.

No one had a passive combined UHF and VHF that worked well indoors in our coverage area. Most residences and businesses here have line of site, but 95% have stucco exteriors, cover with chicken wire. Many also had metal roofs. So with the nation's highest above average terrain full power TV transmitter site there was plenty of signal strength outdoors, clear out to a 100 mile radius in most directions, with great reception outdoors, but very poor indoor reception.

In actuality, indoor reception beyond about 15 miles, remained a disaster, until I tried the DigiTenna Model DUV-I.

It is a work horse and a miracle worker! It's performance, stability and ease of use simply defies description. I have made it work reliably in our coverage area INDOORS as far away as 50 miles.

I would recommend it to anyone, and it is the only indoor antenna you will ever need. The patented technology in the DUV-I also appears in Digi-Tenna's full range of outdoor antennas, making them out perform most of their competitors who often are larger and more expensive.

I am glad that I found Brad Eckwielen and the fine folks at DigiTenna -- manufactures of a Great All American Product!"

Director of Engineering

KNME-TV (Ch-35), KNMD-DT (Ch-9)

Albuquerque, NM


"A while back there was a discussion over Digital TV reception problems, and 'Digital Antennas'. I think I sent a post about attending a seminar on antennas at the Midwest Service Convention in Peoria, Illinois a couple of months ago. As we have discussed previously, there really isn't any such thing as a 'Digital Antenna' - - it's all just RF anyway. Although, the quality of the signal becomes much more important with digital.

The presenter was Brad from the company DigiTenna. I was very impressed with his knowledge of all things RF, and he described the particular problem I had been having trying to receive several UHF channels, even though they're only about 15 miles away. That was the 'Pine Tree' syndrome. To UHF frequencies, evergreen trees are highly reflective. Even though I live at nearly 1600 ft. elevation, there are dense evergreen woods between me and the TV transmitters.

I was also very impressed with the DigiTenna products I saw there. At home, I had already installed a 4 Bay Bowtie UHF antenna from one of the major manufacturers (I don't remember if it was the 'W' one or the 'C' one). I had to constantly tweak the aiming of the antenna, and still I had very frequent 'dropouts' on several stations.

I got one of the mid-sized DigiTenna antennas (model DUV-F), and put it in place of my 4 Bay Bowtie array. The DigiTenna was much easier to assemble and mount than the bowtie array I had. It was physically smaller, so I was kind of skeptical over its performance until I turned on the TV. (I had just aimed it in the general direction of the towers, and then came inside.) I now had full signal strength readings on all channels, and haven't had a dropout since. Very impressive!!!

These DigiTenna antennas also are designed to receive VHF-Hi Band, but we don't have any in my area, so I can't speak to its performance there. www.digitenna.com if you're interested.

Thanks again,"

Jim Fellows

United Radio

Corporate Director of Technical Development


Customer Testimonials:


I have used a DigiTenna extreme fringe in an attic. It worked well. Pulled in signal from 64.7 miles away. I installed the DigiTenna at a friend's place outdoors and it pulls in a 70 + mile signal in. Very nice product."


Kenosha, WI



Your antenna works in markets where there is no low-band VHF station it is an impressive antenna that is much easier to handle than a regular outdoor antenna. I like the design being that the balun is built into the antenna in an encapsulated box mounted on the boom. Only the F connector with a rubber boot is exposed to the weather. This should avoid the problem of the fragile wire connections on a traditional external balun. I’m impressed."


Rheinlander, WI


"Thanks to you and everyone at DigiTenna for your quality product and your help providing instructions on installation. I purchased the "dual" antenna, tripod, 10' extension, splitter, 40' of cable and amplifier through CCS for a very reasonable price compared to cable and/or dish. It is probably not recommended, but I did the install myself without the help of anyone else. I now receive 38 Green Bay and Milwaukee HD channels!

Thank you again for a quality product at a reasonable price, I would be happy to recommend your products and services to anyone! Thank you."


Sheboygan Falls, WI


"Dear DigiTenna,

I had heard about DigiTenna about a year ago and after searching on Google I realized that you are very close to my location – only five minutes away. During the last year I asked around to see if anyone has had any experience with your product. All that I found had only good things to say. We live about 60 miles from Milwaukee, WI in one direction, and it has been a challenge to get good reception. My in-laws recently installed one of your products and it is way beyond comparison to the Radio Shack brands, ect. Your products have superior construction, and no folding elements. Connection points are almost non-existent. The products are much smaller than competition, and minimalize problematic connection errors to guarantee unequalled performance. Thanks for the Lifetime Warranty – I don’t know of any other antenna with that kind of guarantee. You guys are antenna experts who make a great product. Thanks." 


Sheboygan, WI


"The DigiTenna was much easier to assemble and mount than -----------. It was physically smaller, so I was kind of skeptical over its performance until I turned on the TV. (I had just aimed it in the general direction of the towers, and then came inside.)  I now had full signal strength readings on all channels, and haven’t had a dropout since.  

Very impressive!!!"


"Yesterday I had the Antenna installed and I am viewing clear TV in my living room.  I have approximately 19 channels in that room. The TV in the upstairs apartment was an older TV, so I bought a converter box for that TV, and that also is nice and clear. I also downloaded HULU.com, and was Thrilled to see that I could watch movies AND also HGTV right on my PC Monitor. So, I would say that, given the fact that I can view these 19 channels at zero cost to me, I am extremely pleased. Thank you for the service AND the info about HULU.com. WHAT A SILLY THING TO LET THESE CABLE CO. BRAINWASH US INTO THINKING WE HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS."


Buffalo, NY


"Dear DigiTenna,

We live in a suburb of Cincinnati and have tried many antennas over the years to improve our TV reception. Most of our TV watching is mainstream sports which does not require cable. A good antenna on a clear day usually worked. With HD broadcasts however, we noticed that our reception was becoming less reliable. It is difficult to invite friends to a big event, like a Super Bowl party, when you don't have the confidence that you will get good reception. We purchased the Indoor DigiTenna as we are within 20 miles of most broadcast points. The improvement has been fantastic! We went from very intermittent World Cup reception to near flawless reception. We are recommending the DigiTenna to all our non-cable friends. Thank you!"


Cincinnati, OH


Distributor/Installer Testimonials:

"DigiTenna DUV antennas are available in six models offering HD reception up to 90+ miles away from local broadcasting. 'Less is More' is the approach that reduces the number of connection points, eliminating much of the signal loss found in common antenna designs. We receive positive feedback from our customers regarding installation time, and general ease of installation. The compact size offers many mounting options, another benefit to the installer. The DUV also carries a Lifetime Warranty, which is a key to a great product. The folks at DigiTenna are also wonderful to deal with, and will go out of their way to assist with questions or concerns."

Dick Prescott

Store Manager

Skywalker Communications



One of my customers just hooked up one of the DUV-IN. He was amazed, in their concrete building they don’t usually get anything. They were getting all kinds of channels. I believe they are on board. DigiTenna has proven to be an extremely helpful partner in achieving quality Off Air Digital Television Reception.

Thanks again."

Ken Kaucher

Regional Sales Manager

Cumberland Consumer Electronics

Harrisburg, PA 17111


______ is using your Metro antenna inthe attic of his 1 story house in St. Charles, IL with great success across allchannels.  (high band VHF and UHF)----------it demonstrates trustworthy performance.


We have been quite impressed with thedesign and build quality.  Their antennas cover channels 7-51, have no plastic components on the elements to break apart from sun damage and no dissimilar metals to prevent corrosion.  

-----Their antennas work extremely well (particularly at UHF) out performing much larger antennas from  ----1,  2,----and ----3.


The advantage goes to DigiTenna with its higher VHF performance.


Professional Installer Testimonials:


We install about 20-30 antennas a year. Our business is more commercially geared, and we find that DigiTenna products work well for this application. We prefer DigiTenna over the competition because of its size and ease of installation. It seems that your products seem to be more efficient in picking up more signals as well. You have a great product. Thanks!"

Randy Reed

Cardinal TV

Mattoon, IL 61938


We install about 50 antennas a year, and are very impressed with DigiTenna products. We have just switched from Channel Master to your DF, it is competitive in price and receives more channels! We also like the size and ease of installation compared to most other brands."

Dave Stevens Jr.

Electra City Electronics

Elkhorn, WI 53121


We install about 75 antennas a year, and have been in business for over 50 years. We have used the low cost rabbit ears and a few Petra products in the past. We just started using DigiTenna and the power is amazing in comparison to other models! The size and ease of installation compared to most other brands was an added bonus. The reception in rural areas is very good."

Bob Voitek

TV & Appliance

Kingston, PA 18704


We install about 40-50 antennas a year, and have been in business for over 30 years. Business this year has been a rollercoaster. We only use DigiTenna XF in our area and the power is incredible in comparison to other models. We are reaching signals over 90+ miles away. The size and ease of installation compared to most other brands is great."

Jason Forest

TV & Appliance

Rhinelander, WI 54501