The number of UHF and VHF hi-band high definition TV channels you receive with DigiTenna© varies by location. However, DigiTenna will receive the most HDTV channels possible. There are rural locations where you may only receive 12 HDTV stations and there are cities where you will receive over 100. Contact DigiTenna for information about channels available in your area.

Custom Products: DigiTenna has a patented modular design and can provide custom products for users with special requirements and difficult reception issues. There are multi-city options if a user is located between cities or wants to receive channels from a secondary source having a different broadcast distance. We can offer customized mounting options and tower mounting. There are even custom products for distances over 70 miles from the transmitting towers. Contact us for a solution in your area.

Contact a communication dealer in your area for price and delivery. Then ask for DigiTenna to receive the ultimate HDTV viewing experience and most free broadcast channels possible!


DigiTenna DT-31 Indoor / Outdoor




DigiTenna DT-31 Outdoor Installation

Range 40+ Miles

DT-31 Outdoor


DigiTenna DT-F

Range 45+ Miles




DigiTenna DT-31 Mounted on dish



Amplifiers can be used to increase reception distance and view weaker broadcast channels at the users location. Amplifiers are not recommended for reception near broadcast stations.


DigiTenna Fringe (2 Fringe installation)

Range 0-45+ Miles



(With embedded amplifier)


(With embedded amplifier and extra input)


DigiTenna Deep Fringe

Range 0-55+ Miles



(With embedded amplifier)


(With embedded amplifier and extra input)


DigiTenna Extreme Fringe

Range 0-65+ Miles



(With embedded amplifier)


(With embedded amplifier and extra input)


DT-RAMP20-2 With Mounting Hardware

DigiTenna Remote High Performance HDTV Amplifier

DT-RAMP20-2  with 2 Wide Band Inputs

DT-RAMP20-1 with 1 Wide Band Input


Communication dealers can contact DigiTenna for Custom Products and extended range 

70+ mile applications