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DigiTenna® for your TV alone, or paired together with streaming services or other optional pay tv sources gives you the ultimate in high definition free broadcast reception and viewing pleasure. DigiTenna is the recommended antenna of broadcast engineers for unmatched quality, reception, small size, and performance. DigiTenna guarantees that you will receive the largest number of TV channels possible in your location. DigiTenna's number one performance rating was established and documented after extensive testing by two independent, nationally known testing organizations.

DigiTennas have an advanced, innovative and unique design and are specifically tuned to provide the ultimate in UHF and VHF Hi Band high definition free broadcast TV reception.

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DigiTenna: Featured in TV Technology 

by Doug Lung

January 2020 issue

Link to full article: https://www.tvtechnology.com/opinions/checking-out-tv-antennas-with-a-130-vna


I mentioned the DigiTenna a year ago when describing the setup Meintel Sgrignoli Wallace (MSW) uses for field measurements, (Indoor Antennas, Field Measurements Revisited, January 2019). While I was in Chicago in November for some signal testing DigiTenna owner Brad Eckwielen visited WMAQ-TV and showed us his range of antennas. I had my NanoVNA with me so we also did a number of measurements on the antenna.

I was impressed with the performance of the antennas, which are much simpler than many of the common antenna designs. The key element in his antenna is a driven element that looks like a solid bowtie, but somewhat bigger than those seen on UHF antennas.

Eckwielen put a lot of effort into obtaining a good match from the 75-ohm coax to the antenna, and has modified the shape of the element to provide good results on both UHF and VHF.

DigiTennas are primarily available through authorized distributors/installers, but TV station engineers can contact him directly.


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NEW! DT-31, Outdoor or Indoor use

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